Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fist 2 Fist

Released : 2011
Genre :    Action
Starcast : Jino Kang, Bill Duff and Gina Baretta
Desc :     Action drama following mixed martial arts instructor Ken  Min (Jino Kang), a man haunted by a traumatic and violent event. When his friend is sent to prison for murdering a man and a woman, leaving a young boy with no parents, Ken, having been unable to prevent the killings, leaves town and begins a new life. After some time, however, the orphaned boy becomes a part of Ken’s life, while the murderer is released from jail. Ken soon realises that these events are connected in some way…
Duration : 1 hour 32 minutes
Size : 111 mb

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Part 1

Part 2



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