Thursday, September 1, 2011

Software Solution - Kaspersky Lifetime Hack

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Cannot afford to buy Anti-virus license for your Kaspersky? 

Kaspersky anti-virus is one of a kind. It has a special capability to block such malicious program that wants to intrude to your computer system. But as they said, the more it has a good quality, the more its price for license go higher. So other go choose to download cracks but the side effect is, instead of getting cracks for trial version, the get virus and malwares.

Hacking is illegal. Buying a license is the best solution for it. Go to and buy a license and get vast of updates and virus signatures without headaches.

Now, here is the better way to have license without cracking it.

A simple trick to get lifetime license is through registry hack. These method is used to reset your Kaspersky Insternet security trial key automatically. Pls. Leave Comment for to know if its working or not. Other links
related to this.

A. At first, Delete any old key (if there is a key in kaspersky)

B. Now, Disable Self Defense (Go to Settings, In Option, Turn off Self Defense and Click Ok )

C. Now, Goto Start menu, Click Run and Type "regedit". Go to :

(For 32bit OS: - windows xp or vista or windows 7)

(For 64bit OS: - windows xp or vista or windows 7)

D. Now, Right look for PCID and right click and modify three or four last numbers or letters, a example is : (8F10C22F-6EF6-4378-BAB1-34722F6D454)
and enter any other three-letter, four-number and close Registry Editor Now.

E. Go to Taskbar and Right Click the kaspersky Icon and click Exit.

F. Go to start programs and open kaspersky. when you activate searching trial license and you have a new license key for month.

G. Go to kaspersky settings and Enable (turn on) Self Defense.

After 30 days, when your license expire, go to step 1 to 7 and get a new 30 days license from kaspersky server automatically.

this is a tricks what is done a few minutes and give you a new trial license. so it is better to find a license key.

or you may use a : kaspersky internet security 2011 trial resetter free mediafire download . this trial reseter reset your trial period every month/time.



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