Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turbo C Biodata Program using gets function to display user input

Screen Layout

Turbo C program that uses gets function to display user input to the screen, using char array variable.

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#define g gotoxy
#define p printf
#define s scanf
#define MAX_LINE 1


//string x;
char name[100],address[200];
char gender[10],course[10],year[10];
g(15,2); p("My Simple Bio-Data");
g(15,3); p("------------------");
g(2,5); p("Name");
g(2,6); p("Address");
g(2,7); p("Gender");
g(2,8); p("Course");
g(2,9); p("Year");
//g(15,5); s("%s",&name);
g(15,5); gets(name);
g(15,6); gets(address);
g(15,7); gets(gender);
g(15,8); gets(course);
g(15,9); gets(year);

g(2,11); p("Hi! im %s,%s, taking up %s",name,gender,course);
return 0;


  1. Pahiram o pakopya po ng source code n ito magagamit s school. Thank u.


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